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How do I delete abandoned Machine Agents?

A Machine Agent is considered to be abandoned when it is not attached to any APM agents.   There are two ways to delete the abandoned machine agent: From the Controller UI by creating a dummy application.Manual deletion from the DB.   How do I delete...

tmallick by Producer
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Why isn't the EUM processor listening on the https port?

Symptoms The EUM processor is configured for https and the https port is specified in the configuration. After starting the EUM server, the process comes up on http port but it does not listen on the https port.   Diagnosis Any process needs a key...

Amit.Jha by AppDynamics Team (Retired)
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Mobile Agent : Beacon - Some FAQs

Q1. If the mobile app (device) is offline for a long time, does the agent delete older data?Ans : Yes.   Q2. If the mobile app (device) is offline for a long time, how long the agent have older data?Or how much older data size can the agent has? If ...

Gaurav.Soni by AppDynamics Team (Retired)
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How do I troubleshoot EUM certificate errors?

When enabling EUM for an application from the EUM configuration window, the error "The server encountered an internal error () that prevented it from fulfilling this request" appears   In this article... Symptoms: An error message appears in the EUM...

Amit.Jha by AppDynamics Team (Retired)
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Why can't I start the Events Service after an abrupt shutdown?

Symptoms If the Events Service is not stopped gracefully before restarting the system, or if the Events Service process is killed abruptly, the Events Service start will fail. The Events Service log will have the below entry:   ERROR] [main] [

Amit.Jha by AppDynamics Team (Retired)
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Sample Custom Dashboard for Business Transaction Report

Sample dashboard with key metrics for a Business Transaction (BT)   This sample dashboard provides key metrics for a Business Transaction, including: CallsResponse TimeErrors, and SlowVery Slowand Stall count.     This dashboard is well suited to ru...


Custom Dashboard for Application Key Metrics

This sample Absolute Layout dashboard provides key metrics for an Application, including Response Time, Errors, and Calls.   The key metrics are shown as a chart with baseline, and the aggregate value is shown as a number. Status lights indicate the...


What can I do as a License Admin?

What abilities come with the License Admin role? A license admin is a special type of user on These users are associated to one or more specific licenses and, with this association, gain the ability to learn about the usage of those ...

1 Select user in row@2x.png 2 Choose Edit user@2x.png 3 Choose license@2x.png 4 Add user@2x.png
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