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How do I safely patch nodes in Events Service

What are the recommended considerations and steps for patching nodes in Events Service? This article provides recommendations on how to safely patch an Events Service node. It includes an example in which you must effectively stop a node for an exte...

How do I enable the Events Service debugging port?

From Events Service v23.2 onward, port 9200 is always open, as a requirement for Elastic Search 8.  In prior versions, port 9200 is disabled by default. Used for debugging purposes,it needs to be turned on before troubleshooting begins.  NOTE | Afte...

In the Enterprise Console, why did the Add Host job fail?

Overview Within the Enterprise Console, there are distinct concepts of a Controller and a host. You can execute “add host” and “remove host” jobs from the Enterprise Console.    The typical “add host” job operations are:  Register the host.Install j...

Susan.McCoy by AppDynamics Team (Retired)
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[Webinar] Business iQ, Platform- Events Service

Business iQ - Events Service Deep Dive Session [Air-Date April 4, 2018] Run Time: 60 minutes.   @Mayuresh.Kshirsagar leads a talk on events service and jumps into the details of why events service, typical events service deploy on-premise and SAAS. ...

Jeanie.Kedia by AppDynamics Team (Retired)
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How to resolve Events Service not coming up

While starting the Events Service as a standalone process, the following error can be seen in the log files:   1) Error injecting method, MasterNotDiscoveredException[null]  at

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