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How to fully delete trial account ?

My trial got finished and expired almost, I don't want to keep my account, could you guide me how to fully delete account and all related info ?Even the controller GUI keeps showing 500 Internal Server Error and wasn't resolved till now.

New to APPD - trial version, sample app

I'm using the trial version and would like to simply look at any sample applications that may be available.  In other words, something that is already instrumented that I could take a look at a sample transaction or two.  I'd also like to look at a s...

Limiting EUM license usage

How can we limit EUM license usage. We have 100,000 Mobile App user/devices but we need to monitor 10% Mobile users (10000 ).ie 10,000 devices (Active Agents) per month as old licensing model.Current license model is Real User Monitoring (on-prem) - ...

Not able to get free trial

Hi,I've been trying to get free trial for AppDynamics, it shows setting up.. almost ready and then asks me to get on a call with support to get the trial initiated. But then when I go back to trial page again, it shows "Looks like you don’t have any ...