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Get Application Flow data

So I have my application set up on my controller and I'm able to see every workload I'm sending to that Controller application. I have quite a lot of workloads that I'm running and every time I run them I have to get on that application and look at t...

Dashboards graphs with gaps

Hello,I'm facing an issue with dashboards graphs. When checking the graphs from metric browser, all the data are showing fine. See below. But when we create an dashboard with same data, we see some gaps. See below.   Could someone have an idea why ...

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Resolved! No data Avaliable in dashboard

Hello,https://docs.appdynamics.com/appd/21.x/latest/en/infrastructure-visibility/monitor-kubernetes-with-the-cluster-agent/install-the-cluster-agent/validate-the-cluster-agent-installation1.Validate the Cluster Agent Installation2.we  have deployed a...

Some metrics I can't graphic it

I have some custom metrics and all of them work ok on my SAAS, when I'm going to test it, work ok:When I going to create the dashboard, I can create the graphics, but always with the same querys the "No data available"The other queries are exactly th...

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Application Map Flow doesn't show outbound calls.

Hi!We have installed extensions (23.10.0 compatibile with for our Azure App Functions (.NET Core 6.0.24) to collect data and monitor them. The functions are collecting data and they are showing up as tiers in the Application Flow Map. The pr...

500 Internal Server Error

HelloI understand that you access the monitoring web through the launch controller button on the account page.I received the license today and proceeded with the installation, but two errors occur as follows.1. <h1>500 Internal Server Error</h1><br/>...