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Resolved! When is AppDynamics Dumping Flash for HTML5?

Adobe has announced the end of Flash, yet AppDynamics is still requiring it. Why? Flash has a number of limitations including simple things like not copying text. Then there's the obvious problems with Flash security (Steve Jobs wrote about poor Flas...

Custom metric into dashboard as percentage calculation

Do use the following extension https://developer.cisco.com/codeexchange/github/repo/Appdynamics/url-monitoring-extension where I monitor URL. Custom metric gives a status of either 0, 2,3 4UNKNOWN(0)FAILED(2)ERROR(3)SUCCESS(4)But using other than a t...

Metric Detail

Hi Team,   I am looking for Concurrent Invocations and Response per interval metrics in Appd but could not find them. Can someone help me? The metric I should be using from the Appd metrics list for these two.   Also could you please let me know if A...

Integrate Appdynamics with Jaspersoft For Reporting

Hello,How to integrate Appdynamics with Jaspersoft to create formatted reports (Dashboards and tables)?I used the following article as guideline https://community.appdynamics.com/t5/Knowledge-Base/How-do-I-retrieve-metrics-and-so-I-can-display-them-w...

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BT Avalibility calculation problem

Hello there,   When we add business transaction availability to the dashboard, it calculates incorrectly. When I calculate the incoming values, different results are obtained in the dashboard.   It gives the results:100-(({CallperMin}-{ErrorperMin}) ...

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Apps usage statistics

Hi Team   Could you please help with the below customer requirements?    Is there any way I can get usage statistics (who consults which app) from Appdynamics?   Thanks & Regards, Srinivas   ^ Post edited by @Ryan.Paredez for formatting

Dual axis chart - shared axis for more metrics?

Hello, does anybody know how to set shared axis ranges for more metrics using dual-axis chart?  Actually, when I add more than 1 metric on the right (or left) axis, the widget creates ranges for every metric, which is unusable.   Use case: I want to ...


Unable to see data on AppD DashBoard

Hi,   There are transactions and the application is in production and is on load pretty much all the time. Yet the dashboard is empty.   Please see attaching screenshot below,