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Resolved! Data Variable To be Injested in Metric

Hello,Curious has anyone tried using Data Variable within a particular metric?We intend to populate metric based on the value of a specific tier - This Tier will be captured from Data Variable.Metric which we intend to use:Application Infrastructure ...

Error Dashboard

Is it possible to make a dashboard that will show only specific error?Ex The dashboard will be plain with general business transaction metrics, but when an error occurs all of the graphs will focus on that error. Like all other business transactions ...

Resolved! Dashboard links not loading data

My Dashboards when seen by logging into portal is looking fine.But when opened using the shareable link it is not loading data completely (showing while blocks in place of widgets)Can anyone help me out with this?

link.png In portal.png

Resolved! custom metrix

Hi Team,I am trying to load a custom metrics onto the dashboard & its not loading any data.For individual applications when i try to get the Metrix data in dashboard i can see the data coming .But when i tried to get all applications URL monitoring o...

srujanaMora_0-1680514485964.png srujanaMora_1-1680514500939.png srujanaMora_2-1680514511641.png