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Resolved! When is AppDynamics Dumping Flash for HTML5?

Adobe has announced the end of Flash, yet AppDynamics is still requiring it. Why? Flash has a number of limitations including simple things like not copying text. Then there's the obvious problems with Flash security (Steve Jobs wrote about poor Flas...

uptime metrics of a web page

Hello,   Is there a simple way to render the Availability rate of a webpage in AppDynamics?  I found  SAM which doesn't exist anymore.    vincent

How to remove view access of Dash studio dashboard

Hi Team,   I am trying to remove the view permission of a particular user for a dashboard. I want the user should be able to view only 1 dashboard. This worked for the standard dashboard part but in the dash studio though the user was not able to see...

Documentation on metrics displayed on tier popup

Hello,When you open a business transaction flow map and you click on a tier, an information popup opens. It shows "Response Time", but on the right of that same tier, there are 3 numbers. One appears to be a response time. Is there any reason why tho...

No data shown on the Dashboard

Hi all    I am a Trial user, but no data is showing on the Dashboard.   Does somebody know what can be the problem?   I configured all correctly according to the "Getting Started" Manual (gradle and friends) but no data is shown I attached screenshot...

Screen Shot 2021-11-28 at 17.18.17.png Screen Shot 2021-11-28 at 17.20.27.png Screen Shot 2021-11-28 at 17.20.00.png Screen Shot 2021-11-28 at 17.19.41.png

Month to Month Metrics

Hi I am looking to create a metric that will show the difference in number of times a transaction has been used from month to month.  So when when you view the dashboard...it will show that this month there volume has increased by 5% over last month ...

Count of calls per half hour

For developing load tests, I want to know what part of our system is most used or within a given application what is most used. For this purpose I would like a list of the count calls grouped by url per half hour.I see that AppDynamics groups calls p...