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Database Health Rule for slow running query


Hello, we are working on setting some Health rules in AppDynamics to monitor slow-running queries in the Database. After going through the documentation on the website, we configured a health rule as seen below. Our problem with this is that there is a 'Group Replication module' (screenshot below) always running on the db side that is needed but causing constant violations.




Is there a way of adding an exception to queries so that similar items in the database do not trigger the violations? Is there another way you can suggest we move forward with this that will give us a more accurate result?




Hi Neeraj

That metric is an overall global metric for all queries that gives you what it states. Time spent doing Executions for all queries in the Database.

What I would suggest is to speak to the DBA, and have them create you a custom query which you can run under custom metrics foreach DB, which can possibly exclude this specific query to give you a value that you can use in the health rule.


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