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Resolved! Database Custom Event Alert

Hi Team,   We have configured custom queries to get us details on which database query takes a long time to execute. We are getting expected details however when we're configuring a policy to notify us on such queries, we've noticed that only an even...

Resolved! Custom Business Transactions

Hi Team,I would like to know how to differentiate business transactions that are captured by Appdynamics and the custom business transactions.In our application there are around 115 business transactions under Business Transaction section.  Customer ...

Resolved! Health rule Timeframe

Hi,When creating a health rule, use data from last ----- mins (1 to 120 mins), Is this the rolling time window ? Like every time it calculates the last X minutes ? Is there any way to choose the static timeframe ? Means, Choose the first 5 mins of da...

Resolved! EKS Agent: Failed to send agent registration request: Status: 404 Not Found

I'm attempting to get an AWS EKS cluster instrumented with an AppD agent running against a SaaS instance.I have followed the instructions here: https://docs.appdynamics.com/appd/4.5.x/en/infrastructure-visibility/monitoring-kubernetes-with-the-cluste...

Resolved! OTel Attribute Descriptions

In the "Configure The OpenTelemetry Collector" documentation I see "Attribute Description":service.namestringshoppingcartLogical name of the service; equivalent to your AppDynamics tier name.....service.namespacestringShopA namespace for the service....

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Self-Service Security Due Diligence Documents!

Did you know AppDynamics provides a self-service portal where customers can retrieve copies of our most recent SOC2 or pen test reports on their own? These documents can be found in two locations: Ap...


Education product updates: August 2022

In this article:  New courses in AppDynamics University! Standard University subscription Premium University subscriptionPRO531: Integrate Kubernetes environments with AppDynamics Instructor Spotl...