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Resolved! Metric browser on dashboards

Hi Team   I am trying to load a custom metrics onto the dashboard & it wouldnt load any data. The custom metrics is from MQ monitoring extension which we have installed for 3 servers & the metrics populates fine in the metric browser but when added i...

Resolved! Getter Chain, Cast from Bool to Int?

I have created an Information Point which basically works so now I also want to create a metric based on the return value.- Only thing is that the return value is a Boolean so how do I cast it to an Integer (with a Getter Chain I suppose)?

Resolved! Number of Calls as a metric value

Is there a way to setup "Calls" value below...as a metric value to present on a Dashboard.   https://docs.appdynamics.com/display/PRO42/Metrics+Reference#MetricsReference-Calls,NumberofCalls   Calls, Number of Calls  Where found: Tiers & Nodes > tier...

Resolved! Unable to start on-prem controller

Trying to start on-prem controller, getting this error: [root bin]# ./controller.sh start-appserver[INFO] Path to mysql is not defined in system environment (MYSQL_BIN). Using mysql from /data/appdynamics/controller/db/bin[INFO] Mysql configuration f...

Resolved! License count per application

With a SAAS controler, how can i get a clear report of how many licences are consumed by application ? I dont need the speed dials that tell me how many licenses are consumed total.   What i need is the license count per actual application that i hav...

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Hello everyone,  We wanted to give you a heads-up about an upcoming request you'll see at sign-in.  New and current members will experience a one-time request for Terms of Use (TOU) acceptance. This r...


Uni Updates Ep 2 | New Prepare for a Certification Page

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