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Knowledge Base

AppDynamics Community User Code of Conduct

Last Updated 2/12/19


Welcome to the AppDynamics Community! 

We encourage you to participate in discussions, ask questions, find answers, and enrich our diverse community.


Like the technical community as a whole, the AppDynamics team and Community is made up of people from all over the world. We value diversity and inclusivity—and recognize that this can sometimes lead to communication issues.


This is why we've set some ground rules that apply to all spaces in our Community, including but not limited to Discussion Forums and the Knowledge Base. Please keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list of things that you cannot do, but rather a guide to make it easier for users to participate.


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  • Read the AppDynamics Community Terms of Use
  • Be friendly and patient. Keep in mind that you may not be using someone else's primary language
  • Be welcoming to members of any race, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, culture, and national origin
  • Be careful with your word choice and conduct yourself in a professional manner
  • Resolve disagreements respectfully and remember that there is often more than one right answer
  • Post regularly! Our moderators and administrators encourage user engagement in thriving discussion threads



  • Post violent threats or language
  • Use discriminatory jokes or language
  • Post sexually explicit or violent materials
  • Post or threaten to post personal information regarding yourself or others (aka doxxing)
  • Post personal insults, especially using racist or sexist terms
  • Post unwelcome sexual attention
  • Post solicitations, self-promotion, commercial messages or spam including links to external websites
  • Advocate for or encourage any of the above behavior
  • Repeatedly harass other users


How do I report Code of Conduct violations?

Please report all Code of Conduct violations to the moderation team by clicking the 3-dot icon in the top-right corner of a specific post and selecting "Report Inappropriate Content." 


Report Inappropriate Content.png 

What will happen then?

Moderators will remove discussions and comments that violate the User Code of Conduct. Repeat offenders will have posting privileges revoked by our administrators. 


Additional Resources

AppDynamics Community Terms of Use

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