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How do I subscribe to receive Community notifications?

I want to receive notifications about Community content I’m interested in Do you want to get the latest news from the AppDynamics Community? Or to keep up with a specific topic, conversation, or thread? You can subscribe to Community content and rece...

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How do I use labels and tags to find what I need?

How do I use labels and tags to surface the content I'm looking for? Labels and tags organize the Community’s content. You can hone in on what you need by searching or filtering with them. In this article... How do I understand and use labels in the ...

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How do I refine the scope of my search?

You can narrow the scope of your search using features on the 'Advanced' search page.   In this article… How do I use additional search filters? Locations   |  Filters  Additional Resources   How do I use additional search filters? Advanced Search pa...

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How do I find what I need in the Community?

What do I need to know about searching in the Community?   Searching is the best place to start when it comes to finding existing content. Every Community page has a search bar.  WORTH NOTING | While we encourage you to start a discussion or reply to...

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How do I register and sign into the Community?

Why should I register for a Community account, and what are the steps?How do I sign in to my Community account?  By signing in to the AppDynamics Community, you get expanded access to resources, including the ability to: Create or participate in a di...


What are "Accepted Solutions" and how do I use them?

How do I find Accepted Solutions–or mark new ones? When a Discussion Forum post is marked as Solved, you know its original question has an agreed solution. Community members can see that solved state and also navigate the thread right to the answer. ...

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How do I create meaningful posts?

Share helpful information in Community  In the AppDynamics Community, you can post a question or present your own information. When you begin to write a post—besides capturing all facts, steps, and thoughts—you want to keep your target reader in mind...

What are spam and harassment? How do I report them?

How do I deal with spam or harassment on the AppDynamics Community?  Spam is unsolicited content. Harassment is hateful or threatening speech.  If you see either of these types of content, mark the entry as spam or as harassment so we can remove it f...

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Who are your Community Managers?

Meet your AppDynamics Community Managers, Ryan and Claudia We wanted to share a bit about ourselves with you, as the people who help run and manage the Community. Also, learn about how you can reach us if you ever have any questions. Cheers,AppDyna...

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Privacy and Security Dos and Don’ts

What do I need to know about security protocols in the AppDynamics Community?  The Community exists as a forum for AppDynamics' technical community to share information and knowledge. To support that exchange, we each need to act on the awareness of ...

AppDynamics Community User Code of Conduct

Last Updated 2/12/19   Welcome to the AppDynamics Community!  We encourage you to participate in discussions, ask questions, find answers, and enrich our diverse community.   Like the technical community as a whole, the AppDynamics team and Communit...

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AppDynamics Community Terms of Use

Welcome to the AppDynamics Community. By accessing or using any part of the site, including the Idea Exchange (collectively, the “Community”), you agree that you are subject to and will comply with these Terms of Use, as we may update them from time ...

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