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Community Manager

What do I need to know about searching in the Community?  

Searching is the best place to start when it comes to finding existing content. Every Community page has a search bar. 

WORTH NOTING | While we encourage you to start a discussion or reply to an existing one, it's always good practice to search first. What you are looking for could already exist in the community. 

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How do I search and filter in the community?

There is a search bar on every page in the community. You can scope your search by: All Community, Knowledge Base, Users, and Private Messages.





How do I refine the scope of my search?

How do I search for text?

  • Full words
  • Text strings
  • "An exact phrase" within quotes
  • Several+word+options separated by "+"
  • Filter out a work with a "-”

What people can I search for?

  • Other community members
  • Content authors

What categories of information can I search on?

  • Discussion posts
  • Knowledge base articles
  • Ideas
  • Your private messages
  • Labels
  • Tags


Alternatively, you can perform a blank search by putting your cursor in a search bar and clicking Return twice. On the results page, you will have access to additional filtering options.


How do I search from the Community home page?

Look for the search field in the hero of any page in the Community. Type in your terms, then hit Enter.

The search bar is scoped to all content by default, but you can choose from other options. They are:

  • All community
  • This category
  • Knowledge Base
  • Users
  • Private Messages


This home page search field doesn’t include a dropdown menu. To refine your search there, put your cursor in the search field and hit Return. Alternatively, you can navigate to another area in the Community.


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