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VCT swapped places with EURT?

Hello. In monitoring our application VCT and EURT we noticed that for all of Q3 the VCT was taking longer than EURT. Then all of a sudden it switched and now VCT is less than EURT. Seems to me that VCT should almost always be short than EURT. Is this...

Resolved! Java Agent fails: NoClassDefFoundError org.apache.logging.log4j.message.ReusableMessageFactory

Hello,In K8S, on a pod running a Spring Boot 3.x application (with OpenJDK 17) auto-instrumented by cluster-agent, the Java Agent fails on startup:[AD Agent init] Wed Sep 27 22:27:38 PDT 2023[INFO]: JavaAgent - Java Agent Directory [/opt/appdynamics-...

Resolved! Metric browser on dashboards

Hi Team   I am trying to load a custom metrics onto the dashboard & it wouldnt load any data. The custom metrics is from MQ monitoring extension which we have installed for 3 servers & the metrics populates fine in the metric browser but when added i...

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