End User Monitoring (EUM)
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Enabling MFA in Synthetic Monitoring

Hi,In my project, we are using Synthetic monitoring. But as more and more Applications are moving to MFA (TOTP) via MS Authenticator, we need to be able to capture these TOTP and enable Synthetic monitoring. Can someone help/guide how we can enable M...

Application User Count from RUM

Hi AppD SME's,When we enable the RUM for the X application, what options are available to pull the user count details?For example:1. Can we get the number of users for a given time in the application? not in accordance with time intervals2. Is possib...

Monitoring of Oracle APEX application

Hi,We are testing manual JavaScript injection in an Oracle APEX application; however, the Dev teams tell us that only the "ords/r" page is showing in the list of pages in AppDynamics, not all the "internal" pages that run underneath. Anyone has exper...

Need to monitor the performance of a Salesforce Community cloud application with real time alerts when performance threshold are breached

Hi Team,I am looking for an option to monitor the page load performance of a Salesforce Community cloud (built using Lightning Web components) application that run in authenticated mode. We want to capture the network timings, resource loading and tr...