End User Monitoring (EUM)
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Custom user data

I am trying to set up custom user data to capture user id of the user using Ajax request payload via HTTP method and URL method but unable to execute with both methods and it is not showing up in the Network tab under developer tools. Could someone h...

Resolved! How to set job as failed if exception occurs

Hi,I have a synthetic script that sometimes ends a run as a "broken job". I see in the documentation that this happens because of an unhandled exception.So I added:try:....     wait.until(EC.element_to_be_clickable((By.ID, "username"))).click()except...

EUM App-Key generation for Trial Account

Hi, I want to integrate AppDynamics into my Xamarin Application. I created a trial Account with AppDynamics. Is it possible to create an iOS user Agent, through a Trial Account? I am unable to get the EUM App-Key for my Trial Account.   Govind.

Resolved! Event Service not able to start

Hi Team,I have recently install the AppDynamics platform admin on Linux Server and successfully install the controller through GUI. But I am not able to install Event Service.(Note :- I have Two Linux Server, One for Platform Admin & Controller. The ...

event-service error 1.jpg event-service error 2.jpg

Uploading dSYM files automatically

Hi, I am trying to upload the dSYM files automatically in the pipeline by hitting the Appdynamics REST APIs. Would like to know, how can I do it using API tokens? 1. I want to generate the token using Appdynamics REST API.  The token generation API r...