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Event Service not able to start


Hi Team,

I have recently install the AppDynamics platform admin on Linux Server and successfully install the controller through GUI. But I am not able to install Event Service.

(Note :- I have Two Linux Server, One for Platform Admin & Controller. The Second Server for Event Service.)

I have successfully add the Event Service Server Host in Hosts Tab through OPENSSH between Two Servers.While Installing Event Service I got the connection timeout error , unable to ping.

So i tried changing the property values in your file to IP address instead of hostnames.

Then Add the following environment variable to the new user.


After that I Restart the Event-Service(ES) manually using below command from event-service/processor directory.

bin/ stop -f && rm -r && rm -r
nohup bin/ start -p conf/ &

After following above steps, I get below error in Enterprise Console, while starting the Event Service

event-service error 1.jpgevent-service error 2.jpg

Please help me resolved this issue....


Community Manager

I wanted to share a solution on behalf of @saurav.kosankar 

We have to just add the "U limits" in Event Service Server in /etc/security/limits.conf file and restart the server to apply changes take place.


Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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