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Why should I register for a Community account, and what are the steps?
How do I sign in to my Community account? 

By signing in to the AppDynamics Community, you get expanded access to resources, including the ability to:

  • Create or participate in a discussion
  • Comment on a Knowledge Base article
  • Access to other special interest areas, granted by your role

You can become a member of the Community by signing in with the authentication credentials you use to access AppDynamics. You can also sign in with trial licenses.

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How do I sign in when I’m new to AppDynamics?

Don’t worry if you’re new to your company’s AppDynamics account. You should be able to sign in with the SSO credentials you use at your company.

Having trouble signing into the Community? 

If you have trouble, contact your company’s AppDynamics Administrator to be sure you’ve been provisioned.
Or reach out to your AppDynamics representative so they can add you to the correct database.

Still having issues? Reach out to us here in Community.


Can I access Community with a trial license?

A trial AppDynamics license will grant you access to public areas within the Community, including Forums, News & Announcements, select Groups, and the Knowledge Base.

If you want to try AppDynamics out and sign up for a trial account, click the Start Free Trial button. 

NOTE | The free trial AppDynamics Pro license lasts for 15 days. Unless you purchase a license within that timeframe, your free license will automatically reset to a free AppDynamics Lite license. Learn more about these free licenses in AppDynamics Pro Trial and Lite licenses—How are they different?


What are the steps for signing in?

Once you’re a member, you can authenticate from any page in the AppDynamics Community:

  1. From the top navigation, click the Sign in to Community button.


  2. The Community uses SSO, so use your business credentials to authenticate.

    On sign-in, you should see your name, user statistics, and notifications on the hero. From your avatar drop-down on the top right of the navigation, you’ll be able to access subscriptions, view your profile, and manage account settings.
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