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How do I update my avatar?

You can change your avatar image at any time. The image you choose will serve as both your profile avatar, and your message avatar.  The Community library includes a number of collections you can use. Or, to further personalize your avatar, you can u...

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How do I update and use my profile

What are ways to make my user profile work for me? Because the AppD Community uses single sign-on (SSO) for user authentication, you don’t need to set up a Community account when joining. You can personalize your profile, though, to get the most out ...

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How do I send a Private Message?

What is the direct message equivalent in Community, and how do I use it? Though public interactions do the most to promote an active Community and improve available knowledge, sometimes a private conversation is preferable.  You can send and receive...

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What are "Accepted Solutions" and how do I use them?

How do I find Accepted Solutions–or mark new ones? When a Discussion Forum post is marked as Solved, you know its original question has an agreed solution. Community members can see that solved state and also navigate the thread right to the answer. ...

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