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I want to receive notifications about Community content I’m interested in

Do you want to get the latest news from the AppDynamics Community? Or to keep up with a specific topic, conversation, or thread? You can subscribe to Community content and receive activity notifications through your notification feed (private messages) and email. Then, adjust your settings by frequency or other parameters.

NOTE | You need to be signed in to the Community in order to subscribe, view, or manage subscriptions. 

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How do subscriptions and bookmarks work in the Community?

As you engage in the Community, you may want to subscribe to specific content, or categories of content, so you can return to it at any timeThe Community can send you automated notifications about changes to this your subscriptions both on the platform and through email. You’ll get a notification when

  • Someone responds to a topic you have created or have subscribed to
  • You are “@mentioned” in a post
  • You receive kudos
  • Content you’ve subscribed to is updated

You can subscribe to content from the most high-level Community areas (like Forums, Knowledge Base, the Idea Exchange, and some Groups, like AppD University and this Welcome Center), to the most specific levels (like individual posts, articles, or ideas).

NOTE | You can manage your notifications from the drop-down under your Profile. See the How do I manage my subscriptions, bookmarks, and notifications? article here in the Welcome Center.

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How do I subscribe or unsubscribe to content?

Subscribing and unsubscribing to content is the same across the Community.

  1. Navigate to the content you want to receive notifications about.
    This can be a broad area (like the Knowledge Base), a slightly narrower area (like content filtered by a label), or a specific post or article.  

  2. Hover over the Options button on the top right and click Subscribe. A confirmation message will display.

  3. Anytime you navigate back to that spot, the page will indicate that you are subscribed to it.

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What do I need to know about subscribing to labels?

Certain areas in Community—the Knowledge Base, Idea Exchange, and some Groups—use labels to categorize help organize. You will see the labels listed in the right rail. Besides filtering by them, you can subscribe to any of these labels and receive ongoing automatic notifications for new or revised content with that label.

  1. From the area with a label, (i.e., Knowledge Base, Idea Exchange, etc…) select the label you want to subscribe to, listed under the Labels heading on the right rail.
    Example of Labels list on the right rail, and the active filter on the top bar.Example of Labels list on the right rail, and the active filter on the top bar.

  2. On the banner above the page title, you see that the label you clicked is the active filter. 

  3. On the banner, hit Subscribe.
    Example of active filter bar, with “Subscribe” button. You can also return to the unfiltered view with “Show all articles”.Example of active filter bar, with “Subscribe” button. You can also return to the unfiltered view with “Show all articles”.

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