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Event Service with elasticsearch 8 Intallation


I'm trying to install Event Service 23.7 with Elastic Search 8 
the scenario:

1- adding host by user root => and this is only applicable by the root user as I tried to make it by another user and go with SSH passwordless but it didn't work.
##if you advise adding hosts by different user okay I will share the error then for this. 
2- after adding host by root, I go to events service 
          a- The default installation directory is /opt/appdynamics/platform/product/events-service/data and I change                       it to be /home/appd-user/appdynamics-event-service-path/ in this way I get error 
                  #Unable to check the health of Events Service hosts [events-03, events-02, events-01] through port 9080                       or it runs and then stops in seconds.
                  #and in logs elastic search stopped => cause running by root user
                  #my question here is also, why does the installation of events service in each service go under                                                     /opt/appdynamics

to solve this issue I have added the hosts with appd user but in each event service server 


sudo chown -R appd:appd /opt/
sudo chmod -R u+w /opt/


the adding host went well and the installation of the event service went well but some of the event services stopped with an error elastic search running with the root user even it's run with appd user.
and to solve this issue I have run manually from each server 


bin/ stop -f && rm -r && rm -r
nohup bin/ start -p conf/ &


but anyway, I see all of this is work around and I want something more stable and I'm sure someone will guide me with the right steps. 


Abdulrahman Kazamel


Community Manager

Hi @Abdulrahman.Kazamel,

Thanks for sharing this in-depth work-around. Let's see if the community can jump in to offer a more robust solution for you.


Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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