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Database Health Rule for slow running query

Hello, we are working on setting some Health rules in AppDynamics to monitor slow-running queries in the Database. After going through the documentation on the website, we configured a health rule as seen below. Our problem with this is that there is...

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SQL Dashboard Help

I'm trying to set query on dashboard as metric, if data looks like below I'm expecting it to show aggregate count at 07:00 amI have already set query as metric, it fetches count of data from last one hour also schedule on Metrics is set to 1 hourOn "...

I have a process that I can't graph

Hi everyone I have a problem with one process on a server that I can't graph, the process is in Java and I can see it on the machine: I need to create a dashboard to see the behavior and set up alarms for specific thresholds, but when I want to capt...

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