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Resolved! Database Query metrics to Dashboard

Hi,   Does anyone know a way to get the metrics shown in Database / Query Details page to a custom Dashboard? We would like to build a morning status dashboard that shows the execution times of certain queries that happen overnight.   br, Antti

Resolved! Reports data issue

Hi Team,   We are trying to generate a one time controller audit report for last one month (or custom period) but getting partial data(About 12-13 days data) in report. Report size limits to 2.2MB & doesn't exceeds beyond this. Is there any solution ...

Dashboard Metric Expression Calculation Issue

Hi folks   We have AppD running for some services we are monitoring, and I have noticed that on the metric expression calculation, if one of the values I am calculating against is "no data found" the calculation fails completely.   My question is thi...

Resolved! Drilldown URL

Hi, I am trying to create a dashboard that allows the user to drill down to another dashboard.  I added the URL provided (under  in the Drilldown URL), but when I click on it - it appears to open AppDynamics again (which takes some time) rather than ...

Can I uncheck all items in a graph?

We have some dashboards that show graphs of dozens of nodes. When I only want to see 1 or 2 I have to uncheck all the others. Is there a way to uncheck all items in a graph at once?

msimon by Explorer
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Resolved! Sharing dashboards concerns

I need to share a dashboard with a client.  The client would like to imbed this shared dashboard and not be challenged by the log in.  I cannot share the dashboard since there is no restriction on who can see it in the world.  Anyone solved this?

Resolved! Mobile View for Scheduled Dashboard reports

Hi,   I have created a Dashboard with many Widgets. There is a mobile preview option, but when receive it as a PDF from scheduled report, the mobile view is not retained. I would like to have the Mobile view for reports of my dashboard.