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Dashboard Metric Expression Calculation Issue

Hi folks   We have AppD running for some services we are monitoring, and I have noticed that on the metric expression calculation, if one of the values I am calculating against is "no data found" the calculation fails completely.   My question is thi...

Resolved! Drilldown URL

Hi, I am trying to create a dashboard that allows the user to drill down to another dashboard.  I added the URL provided (under  in the Drilldown URL), but when I click on it - it appears to open AppDynamics again (which takes some time) rather than ...

Can I uncheck all items in a graph?

We have some dashboards that show graphs of dozens of nodes. When I only want to see 1 or 2 I have to uncheck all the others. Is there a way to uncheck all items in a graph at once?

msimon by Explorer
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Resolved! Sharing dashboards concerns

I need to share a dashboard with a client.  The client would like to imbed this shared dashboard and not be challenged by the log in.  I cannot share the dashboard since there is no restriction on who can see it in the world.  Anyone solved this?

Resolved! Mobile View for Scheduled Dashboard reports

Hi,   I have created a Dashboard with many Widgets. There is a mobile preview option, but when receive it as a PDF from scheduled report, the mobile view is not retained. I would like to have the Mobile view for reports of my dashboard.

Resolved! unable to create custom widgets on the dashboard

I'm trying to create a custom dashboard, but everytime I try to edit the widget and choose Advanced, or if I stay in Basic and click on Data, I get the following error:   "You do not have permission to execute this query"   I am on the Saas controlle...

Resolved! Changing Business Transaction name

Hi,   I have configured some custom BTs and after testing AppD was properly adding hits to respective BT bucket. However, when i edited the BTs and changed the name, the Business Transactions showed all the BTs twice (one for old name and second for ...

Building Custom Report

Hi All,   is there way we can genearte a custom report from AppD for an API with reason for slowness/ top contributer in that stack trace and number of occurance on the given day.   Thanks in Advance!   Arun