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Agent Based Licensing versus Infrastructure Based Licensing



I am looking for some guidance on licensing, please.

AppD has two licensing models for Commerical SaaS: ABL and IBL

1) Is it possible to convert a customer licensing from ABL to IBL?

2) If this is possible, would the controller(s) need to be re-configured? And would this mean effectively starting over in terms of application mapping, health alerts, dashboards, and non-out-of-the-box instrumentation?

The License Entitlements and Restrictions page does not cover this: License Entitlements and Restrictions (

3) Both ABL and IBL licensing models are orderable via Cisco Commerce. However, it appears that for Cisco Enterprise Agreements 3.0, only IBL licensing (Enterprise and Premium tiers) is covered, and not ABL (Peak, Pro, Advanced). Does this mean that you can only move a customer to an EA if they are licensed for IBL?

Appreciate your input.



Community Manager

Hi @Ed.Bullock,

Thanks for asking this question on the Community. Given the nature of the question, I think its best if you reached out to your AppD Channel Account Manager to discuss this. I was not able to find out who that person was, but I can keep looking if you don't know who that is.


Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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Hi @Ryan.Paredez ,

No problem, understood.