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Limiting EUM license usage

How can we limit EUM license usage. We have 100,000 Mobile App user/devices but we need to monitor 10% Mobile users (10000 ).ie 10,000 devices (Active Agents) per month as old licensing model.Current license model is Real User Monitoring (on-prem) - ...

Not able to get free trial

Hi,I've been trying to get free trial for AppDynamics, it shows setting up.. almost ready and then asks me to get on a call with support to get the trial initiated. But then when I go back to trial page again, it shows "Looks like you don’t have any ...

Azure DB DTU modeling

Hello.Could you tell if a customer has Azure MSSQL DB with DTU modeling (not vCPU) many IBL licenses do we need for 400DTU and does AppDynamics counts vCPU i...

Appdynamics testing with Servicenow

Hello Team I have been trying to search for this information for a while now and haven't been successful yet. Our plan is to deploy Appdynamics as a SAAS based deployment for testing purposes and test ServiceNow integration with Appdynamics and last ...