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Events Service restart failed. Disable Transient Rebalancing failed


On restarting the Events Service Cluster with the platform admin it fails with following error:


./bin/ restart-events-service 
Restarting events service cluster. Please wait, as this operation may take some time.
Events Service restart failed. Disable Transient Rebalancing failed



This issue occurs during the restart of the Events Service using platform admin only. When we tried restarting it manually using the following command, it startws  succesfully when stopped.

nohup ./bin/ start -p ./conf/ &


When tried to telnet or ping from the Controller machine to the Events Service machine, it's not going through:


 curl http://<events_service_host>:9080/_ping 
curl: (7) couldn't connect to host

telnet <events_service_host> 9080
Trying <events_service_host>...
telnet: connect to address <events_service_host>: No route to host


This occurs when there is any firewall blocking the connection in between.



Conclusion of this issue is that the OS Firewall blocks the connection made by the platform_admin during the installation step. 


To resolve the issue, disable the OS Linux Firewall, then uninstall and re-install the Events Service again using platform admin.


Once this is done, the Events Service process sjpi;d run properly and you should be able to restart the Events Service process from the Controller with platform_admin command.

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