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AppDynamics Team (Retired)


Within the Enterprise Console, there are distinct concepts of a Controller and a host. You can execute “add host” and “remove host” jobs from the Enterprise Console. 


The typical “add host” job operations are: 

  1. Register the host.
  2. Install jre and orcha on the host.


The “add host” job registers the host within the Enterprise Console so that the Enterprise Console can manage it. Additionally, the “add host” job bootstraps jre and orcha on the remote host. 


The typical “remove host” job operations are: 

  1. Unregister the host.
  2. Uninstall jre and orcha on the host. 



The “add host” job fails under the following conditions: Enterprise Console has a remote Controller, the Controller is removed along with the selected binaries, and then the host is removed. Any attempt to execute an “add host” job with the same host will consequently fail. 



The “add host” job fails because the “remove host” job deletes the jre binary folder, however its process is still running with the Controller. The “add host” job does not upload the jre binary if it determines that any Java process is running. As a result, the “add host” job fails when the Enterprise Console attempts to test if Java is running.


If the Controller is running and you try to remove the host, the Enterprise Console displays the following error preventing you from removing the host:

Some Enterprise Console services are still running on the host(s) you attempted to remove. Please uninstall the services on those host(s) first. 
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