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How do I install .NET Agent for .NET Core application?

How do I install .NET Agent for .NET Core Application (without Dockerfile), hosted on Apache on Linux?   This article is intended for users who want to implement .NET Agent for .NET Core applications hosted via Apache HTTP Server on Linux environmen...

How do I deploy a .NET Agent?

What are the steps to installing and validating a .NET Agent?   Table of Contents Install the AppDynamics .NET AgentValidate that your deployed .NET Agent is reporting   How do I install the AppDynamics .NET Agent? Download the latest .NET agent fro...

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Configure Custom Correlation for .NET Applications

Updated 9/28/18   The following article is intended for users who wish to implement custom correlation between .NET applications/tiers using the AppDynamics' .NET App Agent version 3.8 and higher.   You can also implement custom correlation using th...

Erin by AppDynamics Team (Retired)
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How does AppDynamics support .NET Core?

.NET Core Support For a complete list of .NET supported environments, see: .NET Supported Environments.   Determining .NET project framework The 'frameworks' section in the project.json file (located in your project's solution directory) lists all ...

How can I determine the root cause of CLR crashes?

Updated on 7/30/18   Question We see CLR crashes happening a few times a day. How can I use AppDynamics to determine the root cause of the crashes?   Answer One issue usually causes multiple CLR crashes. Here are some places to look to help you find...

pclark by AppDynamics Team (Retired)
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Migrating Controller to New Subnet in .NET Environment

ISSUE: Controller IP changed but the .NET Agent doesn't pick up the DNS Change   The agents are configured to use a hostname currently to communicate with the Controller. The Controller's IP address and DNS entry are being changed, for example in the...

pclark by AppDynamics Team (Retired)
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