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What are the steps to installing and validating a .NET Agent?


Table of Contents


How do I install the AppDynamics .NET Agent?

  1. Download the latest .NET agent from

  2. Launch the .NET Agent MSI

  3. Agree to the End User Agreement and follow the Wizard prompts to set up the .NET Agent. The agent will be installed as a Windows Service

  4. Launch the AppDynamics Configuration Utility

  5. Fill in your Controller credentials. Then, test the Controller connection

    Server (Name/IP)
    (or the IP address of an on-premises Controller)

    Port Number

    SaaS: 443
    On premises: generally 8090, depending on your configuration

    Account Name

    See your account name on
    Controller Settings > Licenses > Account

    Access Key

    See your license on
    Controller Settings > Licenses > Account

    Enable SSL

    For a SaaS environment, check to enable

    TSL 1/2

    For a SaaS environment, check to enable

    .NET Agent Configuration: Controller configuration credentials.NET Agent Configuration: Controller configuration credentials

  6. Follow through the Wizard’s remaining steps to configure the IIS applications you want to monitor, and complete the tier assignment
  7. Finish the Wizard by applying the configuration. Then restart the IIS.


How do I validate that the new .NET Agent is reporting?

Sign in to the Controller UI to validate that the Agent is reporting:

  1. Click Applications in the top navigation bar

  2. Select Tiers & Nodes in the left navigation bar

  3. On the Tiers & Nodes panel, the tier name you’re validating should appear according to your configuration settings
    Check the Tiers & Nodes panel for the name of the tier you are validatingCheck the Tiers & Nodes panel for the name of the tier you are validating


Note: The .NET Agent initially reports under the Machine Agent tier. Once the instrumented application receives load, the agent starts reporting under the specified Tier Name.


Where to setup the Tiers and Nodes?

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