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How do I install .NET Agent for .NET Core Application (without Dockerfile), hosted on Apache on Linux?


This article is intended for users who want to implement .NET Agent for .NET Core applications hosted via Apache HTTP Server on Linux environments.


Assumption: The application is not running as a Docker container, so no Dockerfile setup is required.


Table of Contents


What should I do before starting to install .NET Agent?

These steps are intended for customers who are running .NET Core 2.0+ based applications running on a Linux environment, and hosted via Apache HTTP Server. 


Before you instrument the application, make sure you have access to the AppDynamics Controller in which your application metrics will appear. Refer to the Agent and Controller Compatibility document to ensure your Controller version is compatible with your agent version.


How do I install .NET Agent for .NET Core application (without Docker)?


NOTE: Since the application is not running as a Docker Container, no Dockerfile setup is required.


  1. On Linux server, create directory structure /opt/appdynamics/dotnet

  2. Download the agent binaries from the and then extract them from the zip file into /opt/appdynamics/dotnet directory (created in step 1).

    The archive contains these files:
    • AppDynamics.Agent.netstandard.dll
    • AppDynamicsConfig.json.template

  3. Make a copy of AppDynamicsConfig.json.template and rename it to AppDynamicsConfig.json

  4. Update AppDynamicsConfig.json file:

    "controller": {
    "host": "<controller_host>",
    "port": <port>,
    "ssl": <true/false>,
    "account": "<account_name>",
    "password": "<account_key>"
    "application": {
    "name": "<app_name>",
    "tier": "<tier_name>",
    "node": ""<node_name>"
    "analytics" : {
    "host": "localhost",
    "port": 9090
    "feature": [


  5. Configure below environment variables in the applications service (start-up) file
    • Environment=CORECLR_PROFILER={57e1aa68-2229-41aa-9931-a6e93bbc64d8}
    • Environment=CORECLR_PROFILER_PATH=/opt/appdynamics/dotnet/
    • Environment=APPDYNAMICS_CONTROLLER_SSL_CERTDIR=<path_to_ssl_certificate_directory>
    • Environment=APPDYNAMICS_CONTROLLER_SSL_CERTFILE=<path_to_ssl_certificate_directory>/<certificate_filename>

  6. Restart Application Service
    sudo systemctl restart <service_name>
  7. Verify whether agent is started successfully
    sudo lsof -p <app_pid> | grep -i appd


When the application starts, we should see:

  • output showing the agent start-up sequence
  • the Agent is talking to the Controller
  • the process is using the AppDynamics Agent library


Additional Resources

For more information on .NET Agent for Linux, see the .NET Agent for Linux documentation.

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