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AppDynamics Global Identity Migration Experience - FAQ

Local user accounts are migrating to the AppDynamics Identity Platform.Here’s what you need to know.  FOR NOTIFICATION UPDATES — Click the caret menu above right, then Subscribe. Beginning with our SaaS Controller release in April 2023, AppDynamics-m...

FAQ - Sign in once to AppD and see everything

AppDynamics Identity Provider users get a seamless SSO experience across AppDynamics products and services Beginning with v22.6.0, users authenticated by the global AppDynamics Identity Provider (AppD IDP) will only need to sign in to an authorized A...


OpenTelemetry FAQ

What do I need to know about OTel and using it with AppDynamics? Get up to speed on OpenTelemetry and how AppDynamics will support it, expanding telemetry data sources for our advanced analytics, AI/ML, and troubleshooting capabilities.   In this art...


FAQ – Changes to User Creation and Password Policy

What improvements to user email verification, password policy, and account resources were completed in v21.11 and how do they affect me? In our efforts to better serve our customers, we’ve implemented several enhancements designed to improve security...

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How do I size the EUM Server and Events Service?

The EUM Server and Events Service T-shirt Sizing Guide   Overview The following tables contain data based on EUM Processor and Events Service load testing combinations under synthetic load. The tables have been normalized.    Once the EUM traffic pro...

How can I view my available resources?

Step 1 - Sign in to AppDynamics, click the drop-down on the top right corner, then click Profile. The Overview page will appear.       Step 2 - On the Overview page, scroll down to the Resources section to see what resources (for example,  Professi...

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Where do I find my subscriptions and license details?

How can License Administrators manage subscriptions and license details? License Administrators have the ability to view and manage company subscriptions and license usage details. This article shows how a License Administrator can find that informa...

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How can I configure Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services v. 2.0, 2.1, or 3.0 as a SAML authentication provider for the AppD Controller?

  You can configure Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) as a SAML authentication provider for the AppDynamics Controller. The instructions below apply to ADFS v2.0, 2.1, and 3.0.   Table of Contents Add the Relying Party Trust for A...

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How do I check my license usage at the account level?

It can be tricky to view license usage at the account level to determine which agents and hosts are consuming licenses, but the following options will get you closer.   Table of Contents REST APIController UISettings → Licenses → Account UsageSettin...

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Why am I seeing license limit notifications?

"Agent License Request Denied" and "Agent Authorization Denied" error message types result in license limit notifications There are two types of license-related error messages you could encounter: Agent License Request Denied, and  Agent Authorizatio...

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