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How do I split EUM units and provision EUM licenses on multi-tenant controller accounts?

Consider the following scenarios:


  • You have an on-premise multi-tenant controller and a EUM server (on-prem or SaaS).
  • You have one EUM license with 10 units. You want to split an assigned number of units to a new tenant. 


To split EUM units and provision the EUM licenses:


  • Ask the Sales team for a EUM license with <x> number of units. They will usually give you two licenses.

      First license: The previous license with the old EUM account name and access key, but with updated units = 10 - x

      Second License: Contains the new EUM account name and access key, but with units = x


Note: Make sure they do not change the EUM account name or access key of the previous license. If they do, it may cause a change in the EUM app-key in the application associated with previous EUM account.


Once you get both licenses, proceed with the following steps:


Section A. Provision licenses on EUM server (for on-prem EUM customers, skip to Section B.)


1. Got o the EUM server (remotely hosted). 

2. Provision both licenses one by one on the EUM server using the following command:


$> cd EUM/eum-processor
$> ./bin/ <PATH TO LICENSE>

See here


Once the license is provisioned on the EUM server, proceed with the following steps:


Section B. Provision new EUM licenses for accounts on a multi-tenant Controller UI.


  1. Navigate to the Administration page of your on-premise Controller: http(s)://<hostname>:<port>/controller/admin.jsp
  2. Click Accounts.
  3. Select the account name that you want to provision EUM for and click Edit.
  4. Scroll down to the End User Monitoring (EUM) panel.
  5. From the Browser Real User Monitoring section:
    1. Copy the EUM license key from your license file into the EUM License Key field.
    2. From the License Type drop-down, select a license type (EUM Lite or EUM Pro).
    3. Enter your allotted Browser RUM units into the Browser RUM Units Licensed field.
    4. Set overages from the Allow Overages drop-down.
  6. Complete the steps above for the Mobile Real User Monitoring section.
  7. Click Save.

Note : Complete the steps above for both/all tenant accounts.


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