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How do I change the Controller owner?

In order to change the owner of the Controller, complete the following steps.


  1. Stop all running Controller services using the following command in the machine terminal.
    • ./ stop
  2. Change the username and user group of the Controller directory.
    • chown -R <New User>:<User Group> <Controller Folder>
  3. Update the new user in the db.cnf file located at Controller/db/db.cnf.
    •   user=<New User>
  4. Start the Controller.
    • ./ start


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Oops  you've accidently started your controller with root user instead of your app service user (ie appd, appdynamics, etc...) ?


1. First stop controller (as root) 


2. As root, change permissions back to original user and group


chown -R <original user>:<original group> <controller home>


Ie: chown -R appd:appd /opt/appdynamics/controller


3. Start controller with your original user.


That's it.




Good tip @Eli.Rodriguez  Thanks for contributing.