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AppDynamics Team

In order to change the owner of the Controller, complete the following steps.


  1. Stop all running Controller services using the following command in the machine terminal.
    • ./ stop
  2. Change the username and user group of the Controller directory.
    • chown -R <New User>:<User Group> <Controller Folder>
  3. Update the new user in the db.cnf file located at Controller/db/db.cnf.
    •   user=<New User>
  4. Start the Controller.
    • ./ start


AppDynamics Team

Oops  you've accidently started your controller with root user instead of your app service user (ie appd, appdynamics, etc...) ?


1. First stop controller (as root) 


2. As root, change permissions back to original user and group


chown -R <original user>:<original group> <controller home>


Ie: chown -R appd:appd /opt/appdynamics/controller


3. Start controller with your original user.


That's it.




AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Good tip @Eli.Rodriguez  Thanks for contributing. 

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