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How do I reset my individual password for the Controller?

To log in to the Controller, you will need your account name, username, and individual password. If you are unable to log in or forgot your password, please follow below instructions to reset your password. 


Note: The instructions below are applicable if you are using AppDynamics Local Login. It is possible that your Admin set up your account with SAML or LDAP. If you're having trouble with your SAML or LDAP login, please contact your Admin. If you do not know who to reach out to within your organization, we recommend starting with your company's IT department. 


1. Launch your Controller URL from your browser.

2. On the login screen, click the Forgot Password button.

Forgot Password.png


3. When prompted, enter your account name and username. Note: You should have received these credentials in your initial “Welcome to AppDynamics” email. If you cannot remember them, please locate that original email. If you no longer have the welcome email, contact your account admin or Customer Support for assistance.

Reset Password 2.png


4. Click the Reset Password button and a link to reset your password will be sent to your email address.

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what to do when this fails to send the email?

@Pat.Downing if you do not receive an email after you follow the "forgot password" workflow, please contact your account admin or customer support for further assistance. There may be an issue which requires AppDynamics intervention and is not self service.