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What does the "Time range not supported error" mean?


Issue:  Time range not supported error




Log in into the controller database and verify the following properties:


  • <Controller_Install_Dir>\bin\controller[.sh/.bat] login-db
  • select name, value from global_configuration_cluster where name in ('disable.historic.transactional.flow', 'caches.retention.period');

You might see an output like the following:

| name | value |
| caches.retention.period | 24 |
| disable.historic.transactional.flow | true |
2 rows in set (0.00 sec)



If the disable.historic.transactional.flow is set to true, then the controller will display a maximum of up to 24 hours, defined by caches.retention.period.


To modify this setting, log in to the controller admin console, and mark the disable.historic.transactional.flow value as false. For details about logging in, see:


To confirm this change, log out of the controller, then log in to the controller and check the behavior.


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