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How do I enable ISP (Carrier) monitoring in EUM?

The ISP (Internet Service Provider) or Carrier information can be captured as part of requests but ISP (Carrier) monitoring in EUM in on-premise installations is turned off by default. The ISP feature is behind a feature flag that you will need to e...

How do I inject the JavaScript Agent for EUM?

  To instrument your application for EUM, you will need to configure your JavaScript Agent and insert it into the page that is returned to the end user. This process is known as injection. It is important to complete the injection process completely...

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How do I enable Mobile Agent DEBUG logging for IOS?

If your Mobile Agent version is 4.5, 4.4 & 4.3, you need to use the loggingLevel method to enable and set the different logging levels in your instrumentation code.   For instance: // appKey should be assigned your EUM app key ADEumAgentConfigur...

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Why can’t I enable EUM?

Question: Why can’t I enable EUM?   Answer: There are a few reasons why you may not be able to enable EUM:   1. “Configure EUM” permissions If you don’t have the “Configure EUM” permission, you won’t be able to configure Browser and Mobile RUM. Yo...

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