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AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Cisco AppDynamics Smart Agent will transform how you manage agent lifecycles across your environment

 Video Length: 9 min 3 seconds 

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Cisco AppDynamics Smart Agent will transform how you manage your agent lifecycle. It orchestrates your agent lifecycle tasks through an enhanced UI, or through an advanced CLI. 

Learn about the recently released Smart Agent and Agent Management for Cisco AppDynamics in the video below. It includes an overview and short demonstration of the primary use case: identifying agents that must be updated, and how to perform agent updates in bulk. 


Key Video Points

Following are key points covered in the demonstration video. For your convenience, we've included timestamps where you can find the topics in the video. 


The ABCs of Smart Agent
00:00:22 - 00:00:39

Adhere to versioning compliance standards
Bolster installations, upgrades, and rollback processes—at scale
Centralize agent management control


A single Smart Agent Prerequisite. 00:00:44

To get started, first install the Smart Agent on any machine hosting applications that are or will be monitored. This process is very straight-forward: 

  1. Launch your console of choice 
  2. Install Smart Agent just like you would have installed the old agent. 

TIP | We published Debian in RPM packages to make it super convenient, or use one of our recently released Ansible Playbooks to distribute your Smart Agent at scale, use the Smart Agent CLI to distribute it, or integrate with your existing CICD tooling pipeline. 


Smart Agent UI and two use cases

Following, see a demonstration of the two use cases, (1) identifying agents that must be updated, and (2) how to perform agent updates in bulk, including an overview of the Smart Agent UI and capabilities.

The UI has been enhanced to indicate Agent statuses and provide agent management tools. 

App Server Agents tab

  • Status shows each agent's status
  • Managed column: Easily check to see whether or not Smart Agent is installed on each of your hosts as needed 
  • Filter button: Use to show the hosts that are managed or unmanaged 
  • Clickable list: on the right panel, see a list of agents that need review or attention

Bulk agent upgrades

Bulk upgrades are for agents of the same type

  • Select the upgrade version 
  • Make setting changes as needed or use the default configuration 
  • Repeat steps as needed for different agent types

Smart Agents tab

  • Check Smart Agents statuses, as well as what agents are connected to each of them 
  • See the Tasks in Process tab to view any upgrade process underway 
  • Troubleshooting: Under the History tab, see process status and access log files for completed, incomplete, or stalled processes

Export grid data

  •  View a grid of all agents under management control
  • Apply available filters, including out-of-date, update available, latest, unknown, specific applications, tiers, Smart Agent ID, monitoring status 
  • Download for use with Excel or other reporting utilities 


Additional Resources 

In the Agent Management documentation: 

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