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AppDynamics Team (Retired)

If you have an on-prem Controller, it is highly recommended that you use your load balancer to decrypt HTTPS traffic, then forward it to our EUM Collector via HTTP since the EUM Collector can sometimes have issues decrypting HTTPS.


Have your Network team configure a new VIP/DNS (virtual IP) that accepts HTTPS traffic on 443. The VIP name doesn’t matter, but we recommend something like Once that’s complete, set the EUM cloud host to this DNS entry.


From a basic standpoint, the idea is to do this:

AppDynamics Beacon sent (HTTPS) → Collector URL ( → Customer Load Balancer (decrypts HTTPS, forwards it via HTTP) → AppDynamics EUM Server:7001 (http://<on-prem-sum-server-ip>:7001)  


Additional Information

For details on using a reverse proxy and configuring SSL termination at the reverse proxy for the Controller, see our complete documentation: Use a Reverse Proxy

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