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Understanding Mobile User Journeys

DevOps teams can use Experience Journey Maps and Dashboards to diagnose and solve issues more quickly, while Business teams use them to gauge event costs and business impact   CONTENTS  Introduction | Video | About the presenter | Resources Video...

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Synthetic API Monitoring – FAQs

What do I need to know about API Monitoring? With Synthetic API monitoring, you can monitor the availability and performance of HTTP(s) based APIs. These APIs can be internal, external, or third-party APIs.    In this article…  What Synthetic API Mon...

Changes to synthetic monitoring browsers

Changes for Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers, and deprecating support for Chrome versions 64 and 83   On October 18, 2021, we will implement synthetics monitoring behavioral changes for Internet Explorer (IE) 11 and Firefox, and deprecating sup...

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Synthetic Scripts FAQ (Part II)

Table of Contents On-Premises/SaaSSecurity/PasswordsSelecting ElementsSnapshotsSupported FeaturesTroubleshooting See also Synthetic Scripts FAQ (Part I).   On-Premises/SaaS What are the supported on-premises/SaaS/hybrid configurations? Controller W...

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Why can't I download JavaScript Agent files for EUM?

Problem | Customers are unable to download adrum js files from CDN location( The error message for each customer may differ.For example, some common errors seen are: When you try to click the download option, it says No jsagent ...

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On premises EUM Server Sizing Guide

How do I determine optimal sizing for my on-prem EUM Server? This guide provides context to EUM data and recommendations for sizing your on-premises EUM Server for different levels of network traffic (metrics per minute). After understanding the EUM ...

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Start the EUM Server on Windows with a Batch Command

If you are having trouble starting the EUM Server as a Windows service, you can use a batch command to start it.    Follow the steps below to use a batch command to start the EUM Server: Download the Apache Common Daemon Procrun.Create the file eum-...

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