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Custom error events not reported using JavaScript API

While using a Javascript Agent (with adrum.js) to report custom JS error events via the Agent's API, some users find that their error messages are not being reported.


This is usually caused by a missing message or line within the beacon.




var errorT = new;

errorT.url('http://localhost:8080/error');          // Optional
errorT.msg('I am a custom error at line 100');  // Mandatory
errorT.line(100);                                             // Mandatory
errorT.stack('some call stack here');                // Optional;


Both the message and the line are required. If either is missing, the Collector will reject the beacon.

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Where would the error end up? In a snapshot for a transaction where the given URL is related to?

@Roel.Beun Custom error events can be viewed in your Browser Snapshots. In your Controller, go to User Experience --> Select the application --> Browser Snapshots. You can also see them in Session Summaries by going to User Experience --> Select the application -> Sessions --> Select a session. Here's a example:




Custom error event.png

I am seeing the same problem.  I want my Javascript errors to participate in a health rule, and throw an alert when the javascript errors.  Has anyone gotten this to work?