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While using a Javascript Agent (with adrum.js) to report custom JS error events via the Agent's API, some users find that their error messages are not being reported.


This is usually caused by a missing message or line within the beacon.




var errorT = new;

errorT.url('http://localhost:8080/error');          // Optional
errorT.msg('I am a custom error at line 100');  // Mandatory
errorT.line(100);                                             // Mandatory
errorT.stack('some call stack here');                // Optional;


Both the message and the line are required. If either is missing, the Collector will reject the beacon.

AppDynamics Team

Where would the error end up? In a snapshot for a transaction where the given URL is related to?

AppDynamics Team

@Roel.Beun Custom error events can be viewed in your Browser Snapshots. In your Controller, go to User Experience --> Select the application --> Browser Snapshots. You can also see them in Session Summaries by going to User Experience --> Select the application -> Sessions --> Select a session. Here's a example:




Custom error event.png

New Poster

I am seeing the same problem.  I want my Javascript errors to participate in a health rule, and throw an alert when the javascript errors.  Has anyone gotten this to work?


Using the Sessions view is painful and doesn't give you a high level view of all your custom errors. You will need to click on each URL and it may or may not be your error.


A better approach I have come across with some help from AppD support team is to use the analytics view and I think that will give you what you want here.


  1. In the controller go to Analytics
  2. Click on searches on the left
  3. Add a new search
  4. Write your SQL query to target error messages that you are interested in. E.g. SELECT scripterrordata.message, * FROM browser_records WHERE errortype IS NOT NULL AND scripterrordata.message REGEXP 'SOME_ERROR_MESSAGE.*'
  5.  Change the time range on top right to be whatever you need (1day, 2days etc)

Hope this helps someone as it took a while to get this answer!


New Poster

Where can I see the stack trace added in the script. I don't see it in browser snapshot or ADQL query.

errorT.stack('some call stack here');     



Hi Kishore,


In 4.4 the errorT.stack present but it was not written to show up anywhere in the controller UI. In 4.5 AppDynamics have decided to drop it. 



So as a workaround, try using errorT.msg to push in any error details.




Hello there ,

With Adrum.js, can an alarm or error code be generated for forwarding a request to a url to a different url?
example malware detection?


Hi Halik


JS agent can only report error events.

Can you please elaborate on the problem?




Hi Gaurav ,

it's not a problem, we just want to generate an alarm when a different url is redirected in the malware detection structure.


I want to capture the redirected url in adrum.js.


Hi Haluk,


If you have a BRUM analytics license, then try,

- Create analytics metrics from browser requests events with ADQL filtering such events.

- You can later use the above-defined metric in your Health rule and 

- Define alerts for the Health rule.




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