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AppDynamics Team (Retired)

While using a Javascript Agent (with adrum.js) to report custom JS error events via the Agent's API, some users find that their error messages are not being reported.


This is usually caused by a missing message or line within the beacon.




var errorT = new;

errorT.url('http://localhost:8080/error');          // Optional
errorT.msg('I am a custom error at line 100');  // Mandatory
errorT.line(100);                                             // Mandatory
errorT.stack('some call stack here');                // Optional;


Both the message and the line are required. If either is missing, the Collector will reject the beacon.

AppDynamics Team

Where would the error end up? In a snapshot for a transaction where the given URL is related to?

AppDynamics Team

@Roel.Beun Custom error events can be viewed in your Browser Snapshots. In your Controller, go to User Experience --> Select the application --> Browser Snapshots. You can also see them in Session Summaries by going to User Experience --> Select the application -> Sessions --> Select a session. Here's a example:




Custom error event.png

New Poster

I am seeing the same problem.  I want my Javascript errors to participate in a health rule, and throw an alert when the javascript errors.  Has anyone gotten this to work?


Using the Sessions view is painful and doesn't give you a high level view of all your custom errors. You will need to click on each URL and it may or may not be your error.


A better approach I have come across with some help from AppD support team is to use the analytics view and I think that will give you what you want here.


  1. In the controller go to Analytics
  2. Click on searches on the left
  3. Add a new search
  4. Write your SQL query to target error messages that you are interested in. E.g. SELECT scripterrordata.message, * FROM browser_records WHERE errortype IS NOT NULL AND scripterrordata.message REGEXP 'SOME_ERROR_MESSAGE.*'
  5.  Change the time range on top right to be whatever you need (1day, 2days etc)

Hope this helps someone as it took a while to get this answer!


New Poster

Where can I see the stack trace added in the script. I don't see it in browser snapshot or ADQL query.

errorT.stack('some call stack here');     


AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi Kishore,


In 4.4 the errorT.stack present but it was not written to show up anywhere in the controller UI. In 4.5 AppDynamics have decided to drop it. 



So as a workaround, try using errorT.msg to push in any error details.




Hello there ,

With Adrum.js, can an alarm or error code be generated for forwarding a request to a url to a different url?
example malware detection?

AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi Halik


JS agent can only report error events.

Can you please elaborate on the problem?




Hi Gaurav ,

it's not a problem, we just want to generate an alarm when a different url is redirected in the malware detection structure.


I want to capture the redirected url in adrum.js.

AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi Haluk,


If you have a BRUM analytics license, then try,

- Create analytics metrics from browser requests events with ADQL filtering such events.

- You can later use the above-defined metric in your Health rule and 

- Define alerts for the Health rule.




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