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AppDynamics Team (Retired)


The following error appears after compilation of the IOS app that is instrumented with the AppDynamics IOS agent.


Related screenshots:




This issue is seen when the path to the ADEUMInstrumentation framework is not resolved properly within the app.


To resolve this issue:


  1. Move a copy of the AD framework to your project folder.
  2. Add $PROJECT_DIR to FRAMEWORK_SEARCH_PATHS with recursive.

Result: The header is accessible and the build will succeed.


Note: If ADEUMInstrumentation.framework is not in the same folder (or a subfolder) of your project file, you might have to add its path to your Framework Search Paths (FRAMEWORK_SEARCH_PATHS) setting. This is automatic if you add the framework to your project using the Build Phases tab.



The same thing just happened to me (using CocoaPods), the problem is basically the reference to the agent libraries, *.h can't find them.
In my case when reviewing I realized that when adding the code
pod 'AppDynamicsAgent'
IT WAS NOT ADDED IN THE CORRECT TARGET and I solved it in a simple way, for that I carried out the following steps:
1.- Remove the added line (pod 'AppDynamicsAgent') and run the sentence again: pod install
2.- Add the line in my MAIN TARGET of my mobile application (it is usually at the beginning of the file) this in the PODFILE file that is usually inside the folder that contains your application to monitor.
3.- Run the sentence again: pod install
Try the references again and ready solved.
I hope it serves many people,

Greetings from Bolivia.

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