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Monitor AWS DynamoDB with AppDynamics

Pre-requisite Machine Agent installed on any Linux box that has access to the DynamoDb DatabaseLinux box should have permission to fetch CloudWatch metrics Installation If your Linux Box is on EC2, then please select the IAM Role associated with that...

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EUM Pageview calculation

How EUM Pageview Calculation works As per the license entitlement page Pageview: A Pageview is an instance of a base page, virtual page, or ...

How to calculate Cluster Capacity for Pods

How do you get Cluster Capacity (pods)? In the image below we see Cluster Capacity is being met. How can I get ClusterCapacity? Use the command just below kubectl get nodes -o jsonpath='{.items[*].status.capacity.pods}' | tr -s ' ' '\n' | a How it ...

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Abhi.Bajaj by AppDynamics Team
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Detect and score application vulnerabilities

Detect and score application vulnerabilities Video Length: 3 min 50 seconds    CONTENTS | Introduction | Video |Resources | About the presenter  In this deep-dive video, Adam Smye-Rumsby explores how Cisco Secure Application detects application vul...

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AppDynamics Identity is changing to Cisco Identity

Executive Summary  AppDynamics is joining with Cisco to provide user identity (sign-in credentials) capabilities for all SAAS AppDynamics-based products and services.  Users whose passwords are verified by the AppDynamics Identity Platform (not user ...

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Machine Agent registeration with Basic and SIM

The Machine Agent can register to the controller in 2 ways: 1. Machine Agent with Basic enabled (sim-enabled = False) For this configuration, you have 2 choices: Let the Machine Agent create a dummy application. The Machine Agent can create a dummy a...

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Abhi.Bajaj by AppDynamics Team
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How to protect empty tiers from purging

If you need to keep empty tiers of your APM application from being purged, there is a way to do so in controllers v.22.10 and above. To do this: Navigate to the Tiers & Nodes pageSelect a tier and then click on the "Details" button above On the nex...

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AppDynamics Java Agent on ECS

In this article we will try to get your ECS Java application monitored by AppDynamics Java Agent.For starters I am assuming you have an application ready, if not a sample tomcat application image will be used in our task definition file. { "famil...

Abhi.Bajaj by AppDynamics Team
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Cisco AppDynamics for SAP in Healthcare

Cisco AppDynamics for SAP in Healthcare: an analysis of challenges and solutions Video Length: 2 min 50 seconds    CONTENTS | Introduction | Video |Resources | About the presenter   In this video, Matt Schuetze delves into the role of Cisco AppDynami...

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