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To ensure you meet the prerequisites and get platform support, visit the AppDynamics Agent Installer documentation.

Installation Steps:

  1. From the Controller UI, select Home > Agent Installer.AbhiBajaj_0-1716349170637.png
  2. From the Specify Application to Deploy to dropdown, select an existing application, or select New application and enter its name.
    Example: I am creating a new application named “Abhi-ZeroAgent-Test”
  3. Download and run the Agent Installer using either the express installation or custom installation method.AbhiBajaj_1-1716349170698.png

On the Server:

  1. Access the server where you wish to deploy ZFI (Zero Agent). This agent will help you install both the Java and Machine Agents.AbhiBajaj_2-1716349169737.png
  2. Copy the provided command and run it on the server where you wish to deploy the Java/Machine agent.
    This will create an appd-* folder in the /tmp directory.
  3. To deploy the Machine Agent, use the file. Run the following command from the same server: 
    ./ install --application 'Abhi-ZeroAgent-Test' --account 'xxxx' --access-key 'xxx' --service-url '' --enable-sim 'true'​
  4. Once done, your Machine Agent will be installed in the /opt/appdynamics/zeroagent/agents/machineagent/ folder.

Making Configuration Changes:

If you wish to make any changes to the Machine Agent configuration, make the changes in the /opt/appdynamics/zeroagent/agents/machineagent/ directory.

To restart the Machine Agent with the new properties, run the following command from /opt/appdynamics/zeroagent/bin:

zfictl restart machine

This will restart the Machine Agent with the updated configuration.

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