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Database Monitoring FAQ

In this article... Why are no queries found in the 'DB Queries' tab under the BT Dashboard? In what order are queries in the ‘Transaction Snapshot Viewer’ fetched?   Transaction Snapshot Viewer query order with Oracle databases Transaction Snapshot ...

How do I delete a Database Collector?

Table of Contents Overview Prerequisite How do I delete a Collector?   Overview The Database Collector is the process that runs within a Database Agent to collect performance metrics about your database instances and database servers. To enable the...

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Amit.Goyal by AppDynamics Team
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What errors indicate potential database corruption?

Errors In some cases, database corruption can result in java errors, deadlocks, sporadic Controller shutdowns, and Controller inaccessibility. Below is a list of errors that may indicate database corruption. If you encounter one of them or other iss...

Is AppDynamics able to monitor MemSQL DB?

Question Is AppDynamics able to monitor MemSQL DB?    Answer Yes. MemSQL is wire-compatible with MySQL. MemSQL uses the MySQL jdbc libraries for connectivity. AppDynamics database agent can monitor the MemSQL DB if configured like this:   1. Ins...

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How does the Database Agent impact resource overhead?

The database agent can add between 0% to 2% additional overhead on CPU usage. In addition, a database's idle time may be reported as overhead; for example, if a database is idle for 99% of the time, it may look like the database has an overhead of c...

How to use iNet Merlia JDBC database with AppDynamics

How does a user utilize iNet Merlia driver based (Version 8.08) JDBC database calls?    This database driver is not supported out of the box by AppDynamics, but users can configure the following Agent node properties in order to utilize this tool.  ...

How do I enable or disable Database Collectors?

Beginning with AppDynamics version 4.3.x, a user can enable and disable Collectors that they have created.   Newly created Collectors are enabled by default.   Users who want to discontinue monitoring a database without deleting the Collector prof...

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Limitations of Database Monitoring Custom Metrics

Custom metrics allows the user to specify a SQL query to run on a monitored DB every minute, and collect the results of the query.   This document specifies restrictions and limitations, as well as some examples and debugging techniques.    Restrict...

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Preet.Gaur by AppDynamics Team
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