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The Database Collector is the process that runs within a Database Agent to collect performance metrics about your database instances and database servers. To enable the Database Agent to collect data, you must add and configure a Database Collector for each database instance that you want to monitor. See Add Database Collectors.


Though many Collector configuration details can be edited, its database platform type can't be changed. So, if you've chosen the wrong database type, you'll have to add a new Collector with the right type. You'll want to delete the incorrect one. You may also want to delete the Collector for an unused or outdated database in order to free its license for other use.


Once a Collector is deleted, it can't be restored. Its data will also be deleted.



To delete the database collector, you must have a role with the Can Delete All Collectors permission.


How do I delete a Collector?

  1. Click Databases in the top navigation. Then click Configuration in the left navigation and click Collectors.1 Find.png  
  2. From the list of Collectors, select the Database Collector you want to delete. 
    Confirm your selection, since you won't be able to restore the database or its data after you delete.
  3.  Click the Delete button.
  4. In the modal confirmation message, click OK. The collector you selected will be deleted.2. Delete popup.png    




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