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What you need to configure Oracle Wallet for database monitoring collectors

This article provides detailed instructions for configuring Oracle Wallet for database monitoring collectors.

To learn more about Oracle collectors, connection details, and user permissions for Oracle, see Configure Oracle Collectors

In this article...

When configuring Oracle Wallet for database monitoring collectors, you will need to:


How do I create Oracle Wallet files on my database server?

From the database server: 

  1. Create a secure folder for the Oracle wallet
    mkdir -p <ORACLE_HOME>/product/ 

  2. Give permissions to the folder
    chmod -R 700 <ORACLE_HOME>/product/ 

  3. Create the wallet by specifying the secure folder path
    Path - <ORACLE_HOME>/product/
    sudo ./mkstore -wrl <ORACLE_HOME>/product/ -create

  4. Configure and confirm the password

  5. Edit sqlnet.ora and add the newly created wallet location
    vi <ORACLE_HOME>/product/

  6. Add the database credentials for the authenticated connection
    sudo ./mkstore -wrl <ORACLE_HOME>/product/ -createCredential <DB_HOST_NAME>:<DB_PORT> <user_name> <password>

  7. List the wallet’s contents
    sudo ./mkstore -wrl <ORACLE_HOME>/product/ -listCredential


How do I configure Oracle Wallet on my DBAgent Host machine?

To configure Oracle Wallet for DBAgent Host machine:

  1. Copy the wallet file created above (Step 3 of how to configure Oracle Wallet for BD server machine)

  2. Create a Collector on the Controller for DB as Oracle and configure the Oracle Collector

  3. Check the Enable Oracle wallet from the Controller UI

NOTE | Do not provide the database password details when you configure the Collector

  1. Enter the TrustStore location - location of the e-wallet file on the database Agent host 

               TrustStore Type- PKCS12 (default) OR SSO: enables auto-login.
               TrustStore Password - password of Oracle Wallet 
               Username - username of the database

  1. Run the database agent

These steps should correctly configure your Oracle Wallet database server monitoring.

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