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Is AppDynamics able to monitor MemSQL DB?


Is AppDynamics able to monitor MemSQL DB? 




MemSQL is wire-compatible with MySQL.

MemSQL uses the MySQL jdbc libraries for connectivity.

AppDynamics database agent can monitor the MemSQL DB if configured like this:


1. Install database agent


2. Configure a collector using the following details: (refer memsql-collector.png)

         Database Type - MySQL

         Host - MemSQL db host

         Port - MemSQL db listener port

         user name & password - should be entered










3. User permissions should be as mentioned in the document:


4. Upon successful installation and configuration, the data will be reported as shown in the following screenshots.



Note the above is tested with following artifacts:

1. MemSQL Enterprise Trial version

2. Database agent 4.3.1.x

3. Controller version 4.3.3.x




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