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Analyzing transaction scores due to increased users

Analyze Transaction Scores to understand the impact of increased user activity   Video Length: 2 min 43 seconds    CONTENTS | Introduction | Video |Resources | About the presenter   An increase in user activity can create a larger impact of degraded ...

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Use Business iQ to show business impact

When a payment process times out, customers may not complete their purchases. How can line-of-business application owners quantify the revenue risk? Video Length: 2 min 28 seconds  CONTENTS | Introduction | Video |Resources | About the presenter  Wh...

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Using data collectors to compare a new feature

You can use data collectors to measure whether a new feature improves or degrades performance. CONTENTS  Introduction | Video | Resources | About the presenter  Video Length: 5 min 5 seconds  Leverage AppDynamics analytics to determine how a new feat...

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How do I size the EUM Server and Events Service?

The EUM Server and Events Service T-shirt Sizing Guide   Overview The following tables contain data based on EUM Processor and Events Service load testing combinations under synthetic load. The tables have been normalized.    Once the EUM traffic pro...

Understanding EUM and Events Service Concepts

Overview To deploy analytics successfully, you should understand the following concepts: EUM and Analytics EventsHow do Events Flow Through the System?BeaconsResource Timing SnapshotsPerformance ConsiderationsAnalytics Trade-offs   EUM and Analytics...

Get transaction analytics data without an Analytics Agent

Introducing Transaction Analytics without an Analytics Agent Getting started with AppDynamics Application Analytics is about to get much easier. In an upcoming release, we’re introducing Analytics without a dedicated Analytics Agent. You’ll be able ...


Can I change background color of the analytics widget?

Question Can we change background color of the analytics widget?   Answer The ability to change the background colour for analytics widget is not present in the Controller UIversion 4.3.x or earlier. However, you can change the color starting 4....

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Amit.Jha by AppDynamics Team (Retired)
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[Webinar] Business iQ - User Journeys Use Case

Business iQ - User Journeys Use Case [Air-Date April 18, 2018]  Run Time: 60 minutes. @stefano.mazzone of AppDynamics R&D Engineering Team leads us through a hands on demo.  See below for video playback. Session Agenda1. Quick intro to five key BiQ ...

Jeanie.Kedia by AppDynamics Team (Retired)
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