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AppDynamics Team (Retired)

YT_thumb_transaction scores_D Lindee.jpgAnalyze Transaction Scores to understand the impact of increased user activity  

Video Length: 2 min 43 seconds 

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An increase in user activity can create a larger impact of degraded performance, should the systems not be fully tuned properly. A small problem could easily lead to an exponential one if not addressed quickly.  

The AppDynamics Transaction Scorecard helps you focus on any issue that grows as user access grows by providing a simple yet effective indication of how transactions perform according to one of five categories: normal, slow, very slow, stalled, or those that have errors.  

The scorecard directs you to the snapshots that provide the details necessary to understand where the largest surface area issue is, which helps fix things quickly.


Additional Resources 

Learn more about trace analysis in the documentation.  


About presenter Douglas Lindee

Douglas Lindee joined Cisco AppDynamics as a Field Architect in late 2021, having a 20+ year career behind him in systems, application, and network monitoring, event management, reporting, and automation — most previously on an extended engagement focusing on AppDynamics. With this broad view of monitoring solutions and technology, he serves as a point of technical escalation, assisting sales teams to overcome technical challenges during the sales process.

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