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AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Introducing Transaction Analytics without an Analytics Agent

Getting started with AppDynamics Application Analytics is about to get much easier. In an upcoming release, we’re introducing Analytics without a dedicated Analytics Agent. You’ll be able to extract Transaction Analytics data from the Java Agent directly to the Events Service, with no extra agent configuration required. We’re also introducing a new, intuitive UI design for Analytics that reduces configuration time.  


How does it work?

Traditionally, AppDynamics receives Analytics data through the Analytics Agent, which is configured separately from your app agents. The Analytics Agents send your data to the Events Service, which is then sent to the Controller for you to analyze. 


In the new deployment model, data still goes through the Events Services to the Controller. However, the data comes directly from your app agent instead of an Analytics Agent. 


What do I need to get started?

You can deploy Analytics without an Analytics Agent if you have:


  • Application Analytics licenses
  • The latest Java Agent and Controller versions 


If you meet these requirements, you don’t need an Analytics Agent to use Transaction Analytics. For log analytics and other app agents, you need to install the Analytics Agent to receive Analytics data. 


UI Update for Analytics Configuration

Along with the new, frictionless Analytics deployment, we’re also updating the Controller UI for Analytics Configuration. 


You will select your apps and business transactions on a separate tab from data collectors. Enable apps for Analytics quickly with the new select all feature.  




The new Controller UI also includes an option to turn on Analytics for all incoming apps. This feature automatically selects all of your apps, as well as each app’s business transactions, significantly decreasing the work required to enable Transaction Analytics. 


Coming Soon

The first release of Transaction Analytics without a dedicated Analytics Agent is compatible with the Java Agent. We’ll continue to expand our offerings for this feature to include other app agents.


Great news. Couple of questions:


1. When is "soon" for on-prem customers if ever?

2. What about .NET agents? Only states Java in the text.

3. What local configuration must be done/changed on the agent side for it to work? Since our agents are pointing to analytics agent atm.

AppDynamics Team


1) The MVP will be available on both Saas and On-prem.

2) .Net will be considered next, in about 3-6 months.

3) You don't need any configuration changes. All you need is to upgrade the controller and the java agent to the latest. 

Hope this helps. Thanks


may we know which verion does this start working with "agentless" analytics? we are on version 20.8 controller at the moment. 

AppDynamics Team

Agentless Analytics is available when using Java Agent v4.5.15+ OR .NET Agent v20.10+

See for agent to controller compatibility.


Thank you!

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