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How do I increase the snapshot reporter queue size?


Request Segment Data Queue holds the request snapshots captured by agent and sends details to controller every minute. For that minute, agent will hold all the request segment data in a queue and send it at one go. If there are many snapshots collected, the queue may not hold everything. So in that case, it might drop the snapshots and that is what is reflected in the logs below ...



Sample logs 

[AD Thread Pool-Global0] 09 Feb 2017 00:05:20,134 Request Segment Data reporter queue length limit of 1000kb reached.
[AD Thread Pool-Global0] 09 Feb 2017 00:05:20,135 Request Segment Data reporter queue length limit of 1000 reached. Dropping snapshots. You may consider increasing the value of 'max-snapshot-reporter-queue-size-kb' in app-agent-config.xml



1) Stop the agent
2) Add the listed line along with other properties in app-agent-config.xml file
<property name="max-snapshot-reporter-queue-size-kb" value="2000"/>
3) Start the agent



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